Dalhousie Non-Profit Housing Cooperative - Bylaws

This set of bylaws was approved at a General Meeting of the Coop, in May 2019.

It replaces the entire previous set that was approved around year 2000 and is sometimes referred to as the "updated Blue Bylaws".

These bylaws incorporate changes made at the following General Meetings since the above date:

-- (changes pending) --

For those who would prefer to read paper copies, there is a binder in the Office, and there could be a binder made available to each Cluster (and individually to accommodate anyone with special needs, by arrangement).

Comments and questions are welcome! Please direct enquiries via email office@dalhousiecoop.ca or paper at the Office, and the Secretary of the Coop (a Director) or Bylaw Committee should respond shortly.

Editing of 2021-12 Final edition provided by: Housing Managers Collective